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Why We Created From LA to Beirut​

ما هي أهمية من لوس انجلس إلى بيروت ؟

From LA to Beirut started as a familial discussion between Rita & Jihad, talking about “wad’ el balad”, wishfully thinking “what can we do?”. Together, the duo had a versatile background with a few things in common—journalism, education, and a special love for the Arab world—so they decided to put their strength together and create From LA to Beirut. They called up a few famous friends in the industry; pitched the show and soon had their From LA to Beirut playing in radio stations in the States and on applications streaming all over the world interviewing some of the most notable names in the Middle East.

The mission of From La to Beirut is clear and determined. The way Rita and Jihad wanted to challenge the status quo was through interviews that were genuine, honest, and personal with stars in the Middle East and by introducing ideas found in books, journals, and articles to the Arab world by discussing them with amazing stars. 

By doing so, they challenge the perception of perfection found on mainstream media by allowing the guest to have an honest, sweet, and deep conversation. The kind that shows their kind souls for what it is. They also championed reading, discovering new information, and presenting solutions found in literature of all genres. 

Today, they aim to continue and expand their journey by giving young writers, authors, journalist, and artist an opportunity to show case their work, and grow in their passion.

Meet Your Hosts

تعرف عل مقدمي البرنامج

Rita is a dynamic content creator, journalist, and entrepreneur. She began teaching at universities at the age of 25, and at the age of 27 she opened her own business. Now Rita look forward to hosting From LA to Beirut.

On a personal level, Rita loves reading, discovering new things, and exploring new things. She loves traveling, learning, and interacting with new cultures. Her favorite part of the day is attending mass. 


Rita Saikali
ريتا سيقلي

Jihad is a brilliant journalist, educator, and musician. With over 30 years of broadcasting experience, Jihad is taking on podcasting like a storm. 

Jihad has a fun loving optimistic personality; He brings joy to wherever he goes.  As for his favorite activities, he loves going to gym, playing the piano, and spending time with his family. 


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What Our Audience is Saying

بهنيكم ع برنامجكم الحلوووو وربي يوفقكم وبدي اقولك انك رائعه يا ريتا🌹
Ameer Salmen
"You are soo good❤"
Felix Henry
"Love it, thank you for letting me know Bruno more ❤"
Sabine AbouJaoude
“From LA to beirut Amazing!! Rita Saikaly 🔥 Wissam Sabagh 🔥”
"Wonderful episode!! Love it! Can’t wait for the next episode!"
RIma Saikali
"مختلفة هالمقابلة"
Marwa Ismael