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مع ريتا سيقلي وجهاد سيقلي

A Weekly Vlog + Podcast for Entertainment Enthusiasts and Book Lovers -
‏مقابلة أسبوعية لعشاق الفن والمطالعة

Welcome to the show that takes you to heart of your favorite Middle Eastern stars! Join us as we delve into their hearts and souls discussing issues that matter that matter to them and discussing books that make a difference!

Latest Episode

Get to know Mike Massy, the astounding and influential journalist!

أحدث الحلق

 @Mike Massy  was our incredible guest this week! What can I say about this incredibly learned man besides that he is truly carries within him a stroke of genius in everything that he does.  @Mike Massy  is a man of great wisdom and brilliance and a personality like no other form his kind heart to his eloquent speech full of deeply rooted messages delivered with grace.


Think I am over selling it? Check out the episode and you’d have a lot more to say!


For now I leave you with “what a man!”  @Mike Massy  Thank you for being out guest today! It was an absolute please!

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Book of the Week
كتاب الأسبوع

The Power of Self-Confidence by Brian Tracy

Why are some people more successful than others? Self-confidence!

What one great goal would you set if you knew you could not fail? What wonderful things would you want to do with your life if you were guaranteed success in anything you attempted?

Your level of self-confidence determines the size of the goals you set, the energy and determination that you focus on achieving them, and the amount of persistence you apply to overcoming every obstacle. In this powerful, practical book based on work with more than 5 million executives, entrepreneurs, sales professionals, and ambitious people in more than sixty countries, you learn how to develop unshakable self-confidence in every area of your life.

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"You are soo good❤"
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“From LA to beirut Amazing!! Rita Saikaly 🔥 Wissam Sabagh 🔥”
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Meet Your Hosts

تعرف عل مقدمي البرنامج

Rita is a dynamic content creator, journalist, and entrepreneur. She began teaching at universities at the age of 25, and at the age of 27 she opened her own business. Now Rita look forward to hosting From LA to Beirut.

On a personal level, Rita loves reading, discovering new things, and exploring new things. She loves traveling, learning, and interacting with new cultures. Her favorite part of the day is attending mass. 


Rita Saikali
ريتا سيقلي

Jihad is a brilliant journalist, educator, and musician. With over 30 years of broadcasting experience, Jihad is taking on podcasting like a storm. 

Jihad has a fun loving optimistic personality; He brings joy to wherever he goes.  As for his favorite activities, he loves going to gym, playing the piano, and spending time with his family. 


جهاد سيقلي